Women in Fashion joins forces with Rapideye Darkroom to host an exhibition exploring the theme of ‘Woman’ for one night only through photography, art & words.

Larissa Hofmann, Eddie Wrey, Lea Colombo, Alex Lockett, Will Grundy, Beatriz Maues, Agnes Costa, Lily Vetch, Katy Vetch, Nick Hadfield, Laura Jane Coulson, Alexandria Coe, Billy Neilson, Alice Joiner, Jack Symes, Fern Bain Smith, Lucie Rox, Christo Geoghegan, Dham Srifuengfung,  Francesca Allen, Daisy Walker

18/10/18 @ 7pm
Rapid Eye
79 Leonard St

Alice Joiner: Loving The Fire





August 10th-12th at 5th Base Gallery, 23 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ 

Opening: Friday, August 10th 2018, 6-9pm 

Loving the Fire is Alice Joiner’s third solo show in London and features both new and previously exhibited photographic works. This exhibition hints at the unremitting challenges we often face as women of finding home in this world, one another and ourselves.

There is a sense that we have come here to listen, observe and witness the familiarity in this seemingly casual approach to everyday discomfort and intimacy shared in female relationships. A thick graze on Nina’s forehead, hairs standing erect on Alice’s leg, a shell tattooed behind Cecile’s ear; works featured in this exhibition highlight an undeniable adoration for the female form. These works offer an understanding of the delicate yet heavily imprinted patina of familiarity in our female relationships, laden thick with our life’s decisions, mistakes and deepest expressions of love, when sometimes all we have in the physical world is our bodies to interact on this intimate plane.

Each woman Joiner photographs is found isolated in an individual frame. Whilst attention to their physical or emotional discomfort indicates a desire for freedom, there is a sense here of female self-possession. In these works, we are often met with rawness, an essence of discomfort, a sense of despair, a ray of light; the women are one interconnected source. Often used as armour, Joiner breaks down the barriers from one woman to another, focusing on marks, movements and indentations and blurring the lines of separation in between. 

Exhibiting mostly framed darkroom prints, there is a delicacy found in the works featured in this exhibition. With attention to the dualities of chaos and isolation, and an understanding of our physicality, each work has been produced from a place of previous experience and a profound recognition of the common ritual of returning to our bodies once again.

Gallery hours: Friday August 10th Private View 6-9pm, Saturday August 11th- Sunday August 12th 10-6pm






Girl Behind the Lens | Horse Hospital | London | April 2018

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WomanToWoman is a brand new social enterprise on a mission to empower and unite women suffering from eating disorders, trauma and related mental health issues.

The social enterprise will launch with a photography exhibition called Girl Behind the Lens: Stories of Mental Health and Empowerment on Friday 27th April at 6pm, at The Horse Hospital in Russell Square, London.

Women make up just 14% of creative directors, 11.5% of film directors, and 11.5% of design directors. In an effort to showcase the skill of our women creatives, the exhibition will feature the works of Gen X women photographers from around the world - both amateur and professional - whose work is inspired by experiences of mental health, trauma and recovery.

Through work sales, the exhibition will fundraise for women struggling to access specialist treatment, with funds going directly towards WomanToWoman’s eating disorders peer support and psychotherapy group for London-based women refugees.







The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram | Mother London | Nov 2017

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The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram

Opening: Thursday 16 November 2017, 6.30-9pm

Exhibition: 13 - 17 November 2017
By appointment only: thegreatwomenartists@gmail.com

Mother London, Biscuit Building, 10 Redchurch Street, E2 7DD

The Great Women Artists (@thegreatwomenartists), an Instagram-based blog celebrating female artists on a daily basis, is delighted to announce its first ever exhibition at Downstairs at Mother.

The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram, curated by Katy Hessel, founder of @thegreatwomenartists, will showcase fifteen UK-based female artists who have used Instagram as a platform to forge their artistic careers. Totalling over 600,000 followers between them, the artists featured vary from fine artists to photographers, illustrators and printmakers, and address an array of themes in their work including feminism, womanhood, politics, diversity, mental health, colour and form.







Peaches and Cream | Photofusion | London | Oct 2017 



Peaches and Cream Shortlist

Peaches and Cream is a photography competition and exhibition founded by Millennium Images. This year the competition seeked more then ever to celebrate the photographic arts, with a key focus in showcasing emerging photographers. The shortlist displays a dynamic selection of projects from some of most exciting new talent. Millennium has always strived to provide a platform for contemporary photography with Peaches and Cream playing a prominent part. Now in its fifth edition we are offering our winners valuable and career-advancing prizes, alongside exposure within the photography world.






The Way It Felt | Doomed Gallery | London | Jan 2017


Alice Joiner: The Way It Felt

January 27th-28th, 2017, Doomed Gallery, 65 Ridley Rd, London E8 2NP

Opening: Friday, January 27th, 6-9pm 

The Way It Felt is Alice Joiner’s second solo show in London and features photographic works and prints that have been produced over the past 4 years. Featuring both new and previously exhibited works, the show will focus on themes of body acceptance, relationships between young women, expansive moments in time and an intimate presence throughout. 

The Way It Felt reflects on Joiner’s journey through suffering from mental illness, recovery and now the present day. The work is an exploration of a period of awakening, healing and a sense of emerging back to life. 

Joiner has explained that, “Light and darkness, pleasure and pain and the awakening and suffering in being a woman healing from mental illness is at the core of this body of work. It is about women I have met along the way and being able to see myself in them”. 

Alice Joiner’s work is also currently on show as part of Girl Gaze: A Frame of Mind at The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles.

Gallery hours: Friday January 27th Private View 6-9pm, Saturday January 28th 12-8pm






A Frame of Mind, Girlgaze Project | Skylight Studios, The Annenberg Space for Photography | Los Angeles | October 21st - February 26th 2017

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#girlgaze: a frame of mind  is an interactive, digitally driven exhibit for all ages that maps the imaginative landscape of young, female and trans-identifying photographers from around the world. Largely sourced through social media, the curated images’ raw vitality is their only constant –  female, WOC, and trans-identifyingperspectives are presented on everything from identity and standards of beauty to relationships, mental health and creativity. While viewing these stunning, never-before-exhibited images, visitors will have the opportunity to create and share their own photos on social media.

The exhibit curators are Girlgaze, a collective founded by the famed British-born television host, women’s advocate and photographer Amanda de Cadenet. Girlgaze began as a social media movement with over 450,000 submissions on Instagram and has grown into the first multimedia platform to support girls behind the camera. In addition to its digital showcase for images, Girlgaze provides a larger ecosystem supporting the work and careers of fledgling female and gender-nonconformingphotographers, artists and creatives, from providing grants to securing jobs.






An Emergence of Being | The Strand Gallery |  London |  March 2016

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Alice Joiner: An Emergence of Being

March 31st 6-9pm, The Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam St, London WC2N 6BP

An Emergence of Being is Alice Joiner’s first solo show and consists of photographic prints that span the past three years, a period of time during which the 22-year old artist has been in recovery from an Eating Disorder. The exhibition presents intimate relationships, mostly between young women, and explores a sense of emergence into their own bodies and sexual beings. The work, which is of a diaristic nature, has been developed from a place of observation and a sense of understanding one’s own body and connection with others. 

Alice Joiner has stated that her work “…is about a sense of coming back to life and opening my eyes to what it has meant for me to heal from an eating disorder and grow into my own body, and a young woman, and in doing so, exploring my own female sexuality and the many relationships I have with other individuals along the way.”

An Emergence of Being will be on view at The Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam Street, from March 30th through to April 1st. Gallery hours: 30th - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM, 31st - 11:00 AM 9:00PM, 1st – 11:00AM – 4:00 PM.